5 tips for working with presentations that have great potential

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You don't have to send your internal orders to Steve Jobs to create an impregnating deck of presentations. Any student can do so with instructions. However, by teaching the presentation tools you have at your disposal, you can not only improve the presentation in general, but also become more confident in the public. To help, let' s focus on the main component of presentations: slide deck ... or powerpoint ... or prezi ( We've all seen this, we may have done one thing, and we all have, of course, the teacher trying to teach us one ... more successfully than others. So, how do you use this tool to improve your presentation? (ALL) Here are some hints: Take the time to analyze what you're trying to say. Focus only on the most important elements. For example, you can select to use a slide to select a quotation, figure, or statistics that you mention in your presentation. This may take some time and discussion when you create a presentation, but it will allow you to create a slide that is concise and to a point of view. In the end, your goal should be to provide a solid focal point for the audience Don't be afraid to recreate the project elements specifically for your presentation. If you are performing a presentation on subjects such as budget or scientific research, you probably have a case with large numbers, graphs or tables. This is good for actual purpose because the reader may take time to study them carefully, but on the slide it may be difficult to decipher, and they can distract the audience. The same thing that you should summarize, you must also summarize the information. This may involve splitting one larger graph into 3 or 4 smaller graphs, each of which will allocate an important part of your results Slides are not cards. Do not rely on them to store the presentation scenario. If so, you can give the audience a brochure. The smaller the text on the slides, the better. If you want to have a lot of text on the slide, you should have shown it in incremental size. You can use functions such as animations to make them at a single point in time. In this case, the animation must be simple. Pics are trying to work best Never underestimate the power of a good photograph. The best thing to say about a slide is that they add a visual element to your presentation. Use this. Photos may come a long way in representing the mood or the tone of the information you are trying to imagine. The video and the gifted files also work well, but use them as a video, because the video can take a long time, and if there are too many moves in GIF, it may be distractions, not useful. If you are receiving images, make sure that they are high resolution. They can be abstract if they illustrate the moment you do. For example, you can use the image of the 100th dash to represent accelerated competitions in your field

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Make sure that the slides have a uniform appearance. This view should relate to the presentation you are giving. Note the main design elements, such as printing, layout, and color. This should be a deliberate choice. Do not rely on slide templates, create. For printing, it is generally better to use two fonts, one for headers and one for body text. Make sure the two fonts do not conflict visually. Here is an example of two fonts that do not work together

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If your presentation is divided into different sections, you can change some basic design elements to add a variety to the presentation. For example, each title slide might have the same layout and font, but different color schemes are used. If you are not good at creating a color scheme, we recommend you a site The choice of colors in the presentation is no different from choosing fonts. Make sure that they are not conflict. The use of additional colors or monochromatic color schemes is a good way to make sure that colors are not fighting for attention. The stock deck takes some thoughts and planning. Do not leave this part of the presentation the night before or in the morning. Get creative and simple things. To make sure that each view element is strong and well thought out, this is the first step to becoming a more confident presenter. That's what you're controlling, so you entertain him!

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