When deciding who will receive the scholarship and who will receive the scholarship, they often have a TON value, but not always easy to stand in the crowd of applications. Even if your student exactly matches the scholarship criteria, they can still be one of the contenders with similar assessments, accomplishments, community participation and aspirations.

This is a place where an excellent fellowship application becomes a necessity and a key to win money. The Fellowship provides the Scholarship Committee with an opportunity to learn more about individuals behind the application and gives them a much more detailed look at the school and the home life of your student. In addition, the essay is the best chance for your child to do so and to do their job, why they should get a scholarship.

So, what do you need to write a great essay and maximize your chances of winning? Read these fellows, examples of which are our own winners in 2018!

Invitations to our fellowship in 2018:

Discuss a special attribute, experience or accomplishment that sets you apart. How do you think that will help you Succeed in college? (500-750 words) (Hint: we ask for ONE attribute, experience or accomplishment so please choose only ONE to talk about.) Discuss your plan beyond college. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Please include what you majoring in and how you plan on using that in your career.


" Two and a half years ago, if I was asked if I wanted to be part of the HOSA, then frankly, I would have no idea what that means or where to start! I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the field of health care, and I was also going to the center of the career and technical center, where I was admitted to the program two years before Vet. At the beginning of my youngest year, I was introduced to HOSA, an organization for future health workers. HOSA's mission is to "empower the HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, cooperation and experience." I immediately became a participant and took part in many community activities and service projects. I also took part in the Ohio HOSA contest for medical innovations and spoke at the local, regional and state levels.

Then I decided to run for one of the seven distinguished representatives for all Ohio. It was an intense process! I had to run a test on the HOSA rules, rules, and recommendations. I was then asked to set targets for the organization and to deliver a speech concerning my ideas to several hundred people, the current state of the delegates and the officers. The last step was the vote of delegates and officers of the current state. I was successfully chosen as Historian, and my experience with HOSA was in full swing.

My first HOSA conference, as an historian, was an international Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida, in June 2017. More than 2,500 students have gathered together to obtain information from five outstanding medical workers. Topics included career development in the health sector, changes in health care, and medical innovations needed in the industry. I had the opportunity to play an active role in facilitating and participating in seminars and meetings for HOSA participants. The purpose of these seminars and meetings was to develop leadership skills, effective communication skills with people of all ages, and to understand the importance of promoting individual and group achievements. Exceptional qualities I plan to use in my career.

In September 2017, I attended the HOSA Washington Leadership Conference, where 400 officers from all states have learned to improve our leadership skills. These interactive seminars included topics on self-motivation, ability to solve problems, management of others and professionalism. I have worked with representatives of many different States in the preparation of our meeting with our political leaders, both from the House of Representatives and from the Senate, to discuss with them the importance of Carrier and technical education. We have studied and provided information on the importance of funding for these types of educational opportunities. Following the conference, I reported on my experience and success in our meetings at the local education council. Both of these conferences have taught me what needs to be done in the field of health care.

Since my term of office was close to the end, I have arranged meetings with local students who were planning to run for local and civil servants. I have met with them in groups and individually to help them prepare for the interview process, and to stress the importance of maintaining a high level of leadership in the global health community if elected. In May 2018, Columbus, Ohio, hosted the Ohio State Leadership Conference. I have an integral role to play in the survey, selection and presentation of more than 1,500 students and counsellors from the state of Ohio.

Finally, my experience with HOSA has helped me to improve leadership, communication and teamwork. As I move to college, each of these skills will help me to define my goals, establish strong friends and relationships and work with other common goals to improve our local, national and national health. I am sure that all of these qualities, which I have learned and practiced by HOSA, will contribute to my success in all aspects of my future! "

" The day was May 28, 2014. My doctor told my parents I would need surgery with screws and screws, and that was supposed to happen fast. Before the surgery, the doctor suggested training on the force for the muscles in the back so I could restore them faster. I immediately went to the local gym and started working with a personal trainer, Justin. I learned a lot from him, including how the body works and how the operation takes time to heal him. After the surgery, I knew I wanted to use my experience to help others like Justine helped me. My ultimate goal is to have my own gym to help others, just like Justin helped me. I'll also turn on the power line to make sure the clients are coming in and out. I know I have been successful in reaching my goals!

I'm going to have a bachelor's degree in science about the science of invading business. These areas of study will provide me with the knowledge and experience to achieve my ultimate goal. In connection with this research, I will also take a business class and study in a group of business studies. This will help me to understand the energy, persistence, financial commitment and planning needed to start a business.

"After graduation for four years, I plan to get a job in a field related to my goals, to continue to study the field, invest and save in order to achieve my dream of my own gym."

" I wake up on the sound of a branch that sans outside the window of my bedroom, and the delicious smell of a culinary breakfast downstairs. I feel like I'm out of bed and in my slippers. I'm going to sit down and sit on the kitchen bar, as I put up sleepy dirt and wait for my mother to taste delicious food. I love my delayed ducks. Signals are not detected due to deep sleep, followed by an insane rush to prepare and board a bus, like other children in the area.

Since I was in kindergarten through my eighties, I had the honor of being at home. It was these years that I made love for reading and learning. My brothers and sisters used literature on the basis of literature that made history and other subjects alive. My favorite part of the school day was our books. My mother would sit on the sofa, and four of us would gather around her to see the photos and listen to the stories, and then discuss the advents we just had. It was so nice that she hardly looks like a school, and we'll ask for more. The children I talked about were jealous and wanted to be educated at home.

I was a late reader and had difficulties with spelling, but I did not realize that my mother had allowed me to go at my own pace and never compared me to others. I had many opportunities to be a child and learn to play during the early years, and to explore and follow my interests, which were often centered around horses and animals. Freedom to pursue my interests is how my passion for architectural design starts the way I became a little older. In the first years, my mother was supposed to dictate to me and allow me to answer questions orally, while my writing and written words were written. My mother firmly believes in "better late than never" when she came to read and learn. This method worked well for me. I learned a lot later that I had dyslexia, and I believe that if I started in a public school, it would be a hot one, and I realized that I was fighting not only with other kids. My love for learning can be difficult.

The joy of reading and learning is just the tip of the iceberg of how I benefited from home. I have to grow up surrounded by my family, to communicate with them, to work as a team and to call my brothers and sisters my best friends. I have developed valuable life skills through living together. I learned to cook, to do laundry, to observe a younger sister, a garden, a clean, and a lot about good health. I realized responsibility, time management, and how to work independently. I became self-motivated, and I became interested in my training.

Homeschooling has laid a solid foundation; my values are well established. My work ethic is strong. I can stand on my feet and work independently. I have the skills to manage both my education and my private life outside my home. I have the skills to be a successful college student and have a higher level of learning. I am giving most of this credit to the experience I have gained as a student at home in the early years of my development. "

" In five years I will have a 4-year degree in innovation and innovation design and a year of work in my belt with the project company. My level will provide me with the skills, tools and technology needed to develop digital design. Communication and interpersonal skills will also become part of my education fund, as interaction with clients will be an integral part of my work. There are several ways I can use with my degree, but my passion is to design the architecture of residential buildings. I will work in a place where I will talk to clients, figure out my dreams in the house, design it, watching him live to my eyes, and see them move, making this space their own. As I acquire knowledge and experience, I would like to volunteer for organizations like the "habitat for humanity" that provide housing to those who need a place to call home. "

" I've never felt the same way before.

The field of battle was covered with a petted carpet, white rustled chairs, and frozen yogurt filled with black waves. In my church, lying, lying a painting class for boys. I was a volunteer, introducing only two open ears as a weapon, and would have to take part in the annual Christmas Christmas check that they fear for weeks. My first and most prosaic lesson in teaching has begun.

The class is quickly deformed into anarchy. I spent the first twenty minutes watching elbows go to the pencils, and with the hand-carcasses crawled up their hands. By unmounting the chaos, I was paralyzed by my inability to talk. I made myself listen, because their conversations promoted artistic ideas: Spider-Man ornaments, Batman Christmas cards, ninja origami. I expected art to be in the art form, but all I've heard is that in reality, ideas have never become a reality.

It then clicks. I can fulfill my tutor's duty, raising the artistic visions I've heard. I didn' t have to use bubbles or command words. Instead, I can listen and use my observation to expand my artistic expression. I was working to adapt to every fantasy, an interesting idea, with Pinterest, cuts to the bubble, and the tapes of the film to help me. As the class finished using superhero celebrity projects, I saw that I could respond to my observations.

Now I appreciate the ability to act on the basis of what I hear. Through training in Kumar, as well as in church and volunteer organizations, I worked to develop and implement my style to listen to others. Hearing is a skill I often feel under the leadership of a leader. People usually take the figure in the center of the room, not on the side that listens. But, based on my experience, it is clear that I can lead others by using my observations to take advantage of the inspiration and passions of others around me. My college plans are only ways to further study this ideology, since I have a unique perspective of thousands of other students and professors who will listen.

In college, I hope that I will influence my own learning experience and students ' experience by actively listening. Instead of going back to my old way of thinking, which is fully focused on the cronies and the regitation of the assessments, I plan to accept the pose, using my abilities to listen and to work for a better understanding of the life and prospects of my campus. Regardless of whether I am in charge of the advice I received in my summer summer programme, my future neighbours or the best opportunities for my classmates, I believe that I will be able to have a positive impact on my own growth as well as on the intellectual development of others, using my observations and making them new opportunities, connections and ideas for others.

In a large school, I will be able to work with the student body with the mahs of complex and fresh career plans, as well as through my observations and subsequent response, which I hope to help others to move on to their ideals and at the same time to pursue my own career in medicine. At the same time, I am confident that I will be able to forge a deep, lasting relationship that I consider critical to personal development, during the creation of skills in the field of observation and interaction, which I consider to be an integral part of a successful medical career.

Whether it is in the lecture hall or during my first meeting in a Christian club, I will be surrounded by a lot of unique voices, experiences and ideas. I can hear him now, and I can't wait to hear it. "

TEDITEFI #3: Over the years, I have worked in children's education, and I was shocked by child psychology. From the formation of the work ethic of the kursan on the basis of a positive reinforcement of the assimilation of associative education to help my church students understand their understanding of the Holy Scriptures, I have become experienced in using my knowledge of psychological concepts to help children display their cognitive and social abilities. Based on my work experience and youth, I want to be able to integrate psychological concepts into my future work as a pediatrician to develop mutually supportive and meaningful relationships with my patients.

As a psychophysiological point of view, I hope to continue building a strong, fundamental understanding of the mental health aspects of human well-being, so that it complements the physical aspects of physical development. In the course of teaching, I plan to integrate and expand understanding of psychological concepts in my volunteer and extra-curricular activities, as I find new organizations and clubs that allow me to educate children and learn more about how psychological ideas can affect the health of the child.

In accordance with this experience, I plan to visit a medical school where I can use my higher education to study medical concepts in depth, and to gain more practical experience and to monitor the work of current and future doctors.

In the end, I plan to find a career path that responds to both my strong interest in the underlying mental and physical factors that shape the child's development, and translates my knowledge into dependence on whether he is dependent and on paediatrics. "